It's the first thing we did as a church

Good Friday


Jodi said we shouldn't start on Easter

no right to celebrate life in the DTES

if we haven't tasted the death

so we did

twenty-one of us

made a pinecone cross

today was our fifth Good Friday

hardly any left from that first twenty-one

(where did they all go?)

welcoming other communities to join us

our biggest crowd ever

wandering the streets

drawing stares

it is right that we should be

in the park

Oppenheimer is Gethsemane

we listen to the betrayal

it is right that we should be

at community court

not at the provincial court

it was the


who wanted him dead

can't blame big shot judges

we all killed him

it is right that we should be

on stolen ground

contested space

he had no place of his own

it is right that we should be

in the alley

avoided all days but today

Judah points down at

the "needles with the poison still in them"

dumping ground

toilet of the people

the stink of it

death strips his dignity 

death rules even him

at least for now

it is right to end on the beach

how excited we are to build 

this instrument of execution

much bigger this time, 

wood, not pinecones

kids balance on it

Jenny and Adria hammer in

some old, rusty nails

biking home afterward

past the women on the corner

whose bodies are for sale

I marvel at how

this place can still muster a Good Friday

on a beautiful sunny day

I grew up an easy-Easter girl

now I spend all year

in Good Friday

some days I think he's here

here among the poison needles

with the abandoned

with the betrayed

with the devil on his back

other days

he's dead