Ok, I need some feedback on this poem, especially from Vancouverites... I'm presenting it as part of a project this weekend. This project is what I've been so busy with that I haven't been able to blog... along with the exam I'm writing tomorrow morning. Pray for me! More to come soon...


One day

when I wasn't

paying attention

I slid the red-soled freighters

over my feet and

plodded leisurely across the water

I felt the stroke of the sea on

my sandstrewn nape;

its tides scattered all my seastar freckles

my hair flowed down in cascading

tresses, coursing into the gutters and

drowning every sidewalk

my fingers crept up through the knuckled branches

of the catalpas lining tenth ave, hands

hardening inside gnarled mossgreen gloves

my back assumed the curve of the downtown skyline,

each gleaming building a glassy vertebra

slotted stepwise into my spine

I meandered through

the evergreen neverbrown of it

the mountainheight oceandepth of it

until it recognized me...


all at once

thousands of cherry blossoms

unfurled their blushing flags

across my face