Last night a warmth crept through the wire

and we, the once-frozen, softened at its ends

melting in this fire

that we did not kindle

My eyes, long held closed by frosted eyelashes

opened just in time to see

the fire folding in, rolling into a piercing

point, and sharp

boring into that great and immovable stone

with a terrible roar!

split by light into shards

And behind it, now revealed...

a cobwebbed door.

I saw us walk through.

I do not know where it will lead.

But dripping images, hazy, in strands

seem to suggest

that we will return to the place where we were born

we will wander lazily back to the place where we were born

walking, we will be unwrapped

layers will fall away

and we will laugh,

laugh long,


in the face of the one who would forever suspend

that which was meant to dance

We will dance on our graves.

(Now don't be surprised if

I say something to the effect that

to see your beauty surface from the deepest places

up through the shadows of murky, surreal seas

is to me as the delight of a thousand jellyfish)

Here my blessed task will be

to find the shining in you - I will name it

as you will do for me

And as I lay back, basking in new-found freedom

fallen like dew on a mountain,

you will sing the song

the waiting song

the one

that sits curled up in your corners...

And we will both say that yes,

we were worth the fight


Did I mention that it's raining?

You always loved it more than me

But today every drop is redemption

and I'm not nearly as cold.