My brother Daniel, who reads this blog but thus far has never commented, said he wanted me to post. He’d sure better comment this time. This week I have some interesting tidbits of information and tidbits of photos, and I don’t have enough energy to link it together into coherent paragraphs. So… point form it is.

- I got my ear cleaned by a doctor last week. I highly recommend this course of action if you wake up with an ear completely plugged by wax, like me (yeah, sorry, gross), or just if you need a pick-me-up for a low-energy week. Seriously, folks, it’s highly invigorating to have a jet stream of cold water shot through the recesses of your ear canal. It made it even more fun that this was the same doctor who assessed my puffy eyes two days prior (see last post). I swear I saw him write “hypochondriac” on my sheet...

- Look! These rocks look like a hamburger with eyes. A rockburger. I found them like that. These other ones look like a rock snowman. A snrockman. That’s because I set up the shot really well.

Some of my more faithful readers may have noted that this is the first time I've managed to get a photo to appear lengthwise like this. You no longer have to crane your necks around. The way I finally got it to work is... I have no idea. I didn't do anything different, I swear. God smiles on my blog, what can I say.

- Today, Danice saw an earthworm inside our house. This may not seem all that strange to you. But consider this: (haha, I sound like a Duracell commercial) - this is the second earthworm she’s seen in our house in the last week. Either there’s a hole in the house somewhere, or she has earthworm magnetism, or she’s crazy. I think we’d be safe in assuming the last option, as is clearly evidenced by this photo, taken yesterday.

Sometimes pictures speak for themselves. Actually, I'm sorry, Danice. Danice has been complaining how much I write about her in this blog. How much I mention her name. Oh, Danice. Yes. Danice. People are starting to approach her in the hallways of Regent, telling her how much they enjoy reading about her on my blog, asking for her autograph. It's really becoming quite overwhelming for her. So Danice, I'm really sorry for talking about you again. Danice.

- My favorite thing lately is peanut butter in my ice cream. That and being able to hear out of my right ear.

- Look! This is from when I took my pet duck for a walk.

For real.

- I read a whole entire book in just one night, on Wednesday. It’s a good encouragement for me, because I have to read four more within the next week. But this one was different – because it was freaking awesome. If for some odd reason you’re like me, and you didn’t know who Anne Lamott was until now, read a book by her, immediately. The one I read was “Traveling Mercies”. It’s sort of autobiographical, like “Blue Like Jazz”, but more different. Just take my word for it. I’ve talked to most people, and they like it too.

- Look! This is a cool picture I took of tree rings. I really like this one. It’s up there with the cherry tree picture from a couple weeks ago. It’s in the file I labeled “Photos that could one day change the world".

- Today we in the majority of North America “sprung forward” out of daylight savings time. Ok. Many people have asked me this question, and Saskatonians, it is up to you to offer your best guesses for the answer. Whyever does not Saskatchewan celebrate daylight savings time? Is it because it’s hard on the crops? Is it hard on the livestock and the pets? Is it because we’re backwards? Or forwards? Help me out, homies. Points for creativity. Let’s get some intraCanadian controversy going here.

- Look! This is the hill I have to scale every day to get down to my Rock. Do you see my footholds? Do you see the flower in the foreground? (Foreground is a fancy photography word.)

(Oh, and footholds is a fancy wall-climbing word.)

Ok. I think that’s about enough. Sorry this blog is so lame – it’s because most of my brain cells are required for use at Regent at this time. It’s crunch time. I’ll be back to my normal, deep, intellectual self very soon, I promise. :) I want to send a special thank you card out to Chris, only 19 more days, and the ducks are counting down too.

Daniel, you'd better comment.