Well, I'm getting better at saying goodbye. After I started crying while cutting garlic at Christine's house, I realized that grieving over leaving (haha, that rhymed) was sucking the joy out of my last moments here. So I decided that I'm not going to indulge my self-pity (or legitimate sadness) by crying until Saturday, when I leave. That way I'll have more good times I can look back on with joy. Like tonight - I drove to Pike Lake with Chris, just for kicks, and we saw like a hundred deer. And one rabbit. And one unidentified rainbow-like strip across the night sky that was NOT the Milky Way, that we named a Moon-bow.

So I'm leaving Saturday, at 2:45 PM, from the John G Diefenbaker airport. If you want to come see me cry, you are more than welcome. I will be sending an e-mail out to a lot of you to let you know what my new address will be. If you don't happen to be on my address list and you want my new address, e-mail me and let me know. My e-mail and blog site will remain the same.

In the last couple of days, I've made a few large purchases, and thanks to Evan and Scott who helped me in this. I bought my own acoustic guitar. He is blue, and since 12:30 tonight, he is called "Blue Moon-bow Express". He is travelling to Vancouver right now in Jordan's car. I got a very good deal on him. I also just bought a digital camera, so I will be able to post pictures here on my blog and in e-mails. Here is my first practice picture, of my family tonight.

Aren't they precious? Especially Rachel. Boy, I'm going to miss them. And a whole lot of other people...