My name is Beth.

I grew up in Saskatoon.
I studied in Vancouver.
I'm now discovering my new home, Toronto.

I like root beer.
And also other kinds of beer.

I am gay.
I try to follow Christ.
I am married to Danice.

I watch and read lots of science fiction.
I also spend too much time reading other people's blogs,
and not enough time writing mine.

I have two awesome parents: a Baptist pastor and an ESL teacher.
I have three younger siblings, and they're some of my favorite people.
My sister has a little girl, and she's the cutest child ever born on the planet.
Objectively speaking, of course.

I have been part of some life-changing communities.
Jacob's Well.
God's House of Many Faces.
And now, New Direction Ministries.

I work for New Direction as their Director of Community.
That mostly means I get to pastor and support LGBTQ+ Christians across Canada, and connect them to each other.

Feel free to contact me at beth(AT)